Revolutionize Digital Engagement

Inspired by Facaster frames, dApp5 is a platform for creating, distributing, and running interactive decentralized miniapps, seamlessly integrated into social platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Slack, enhancing user engagement across web2 and web3 ecosystems with incentives aligned.

Our Solutions

Framework for Development

Provide a robust framework allowing developers to build frames once and deploy them across multiple platforms without needing to customize for each one. This framework will leverage AI to simplify the creation process, ensuring frames are interactive and engaging.

a train traveling down train tracks next to a forest
a train traveling down train tracks next to a forest
Decentralized Identity and Data Sovereignty

Facilitate the transition from traditional web2 platforms to web3 by onboarding users with decentralized IDs. This approach enhances privacy and ensures users have control over their data.

person using MacBook pro
person using MacBook pro
Social platform integrations

Develop integrations with popular platforms (both web2 and web3) to ensure frames can be easily distributed and utilized within these ecosystems. This includes creating native UI components that align with each platform's design guidelines.

Engagement Insights and Attributions

Provide detailed analytics tools for creators to understand user engagement with their frames. Implement a system for attestations and points to reward both creators and users for their contributions and engagement, fostering a community-driven ecosystem.

Use cases

dApp5 has transformed our Discord server into an engaging platform with interactive miniapps.

The AI-powered creation tools provided by dApp5 have made it incredibly easy to create interactive content.

The seamless platform integrations offered by dApp5 have greatly enhanced our user experience.

With dApp5's reliable hosting services, our interactive miniapps are always accessible to our users.